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Triton Marvel legends Action Figure


A prince of The Inhumans royal family, this superhero is a handful for anyone under the sea. Get your Triton Marvel Legends action figure today.

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A member of the Inhumans’ royal family, Triton has the ability to breathe underwater and has superhuman strength and swimming speed. Build your Marvel action figure collection today.

  • Triton, Inhuman superhero from Marvel.
  • 3.75 inches

Triton is a member of the Inhumans’ Royal Family, son of Mander and Azur, brother to Karnak, and cousin to Gorgon, Black Bolt, Maximus, Medusa, and Crystal. Triton was born on the city-state island of Attilan and was exposed to the Terrigen Mist as an infant. The mists altered his body, turning his skin green and giving him the ability to breathe underwater, as well as surviving the cold temperatures and incredible pressures of the deep. An unfortunate side effect was the loss of the ability to survive in a non-aquatic environment. As a result, he lived in a specifically designed area of Attilan, requiring a special breathing apparatus to leave the water. The apparatus, cumbersome at first, was eventually reduced in size by fellow Inhuman, Maximus the Mad. Triton’s mutation after Terrigenesis was so severe that his parents disallowed his brother Karnak from going through it.

Triton later first encountered the Fantastic Four. During an accidental encounter, he tells his fellow Inhumans he recognizes the Hulk from Reed Richard’s micro-film files. Triton acquires an artificial life support system which enabled him to exist out of water. He then first left the Great Refuge with the other members of the Royal Family, acting as a scout for them. He was freed from the “negative zone” barrier, along with the rest of the Inhumans. He aids the Fantastic Four in a battle against Blastaar.

Triton later met the Sub-Mariner, and then battled Plantman’s Leviathan. He aided the Inhuman Royal Family in defeating Maximus’s attempt to overthrow the Great Refuge. He then singlehandedly captured Maximus and battled the Mandarin alongside the Royal Family. He traveled to New York to warn the Avengers of the Inhumans’ involvement in the Kree-Skrull War.

Triton battled Blastaar and the Kree Kaproids. He traveled to New York City with the Royal Family seeking aid for the earthquake that threatened Attilan and battled Shatterstar. He was imprisoned by Maximus, and then aided the Royal Family in the defeat of Maximus and his evil Inhumans. He left Earth with the Inhuman Royal Family to prevent the Kree subjugation of the Inhumans and battled various aliens. He battled Kree agents and returned to Earth and battled the Kree agent, the Pursuer. He battled the Hulk alongside the Royal Family.

Triton Marvel Legends Action Figure.